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Choose THE ENVIRONMENTAL COMPANY, INC. to meet your wastewater treatment needs. We offer permanent or temporary installation of quality, durable, and efficient aeration equipment for water and soils with various contaminants. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your water treatment project performs according to specifications and your satisfaction. We have the knowledge and technical expertise to help you remove any unwanted, harmful substances in your water resources.

No matter what the situation, THE ENVIRONMENTAL COMPANY, INC. is pleased to assist you and work with your various water and wastewater treatment projects. Our flexible team of experts can provide our state-of-the-art equipment quickly for emergency wastewater treatment services.

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About Us

THE ENVIRONMENTAL COMPANY, INC. is a family-owned environmental and wastewater technology company established in 2002. With over 30 years of experience in bioremediation and bioaugmentation of soil and water, trust us to create sustainable and cost-effective solutions that meet your wastewater treatment needs. We pride ourselves in providing our unique, “tried and true” Air Jammer® Aeration System, which is trusted by our satisfied clients across the US and Canada.

“Dirty water is our main effort in business. We treat contaminated water and soil with our unique Air Jammer® and EBAC services. They work well with water and for soil treatment—especially effective on petroleum hydrocarbons. We bought the Air Jammer® rights for manufacturing and introduced these products into the lagoon systems when we reorganized in 2002.”

– Wayne Greer, Owner and Founder

Wayne Greer

Our Wastewater Treatment Products

The Air Jammer® Aeration System

The Air Jammer® aerator is a unique tool for injecting atmospheric oxygen into any liquid. It is a device that utilizes micron-sized bubble diffusion and hydraulic shear within a mixing chamber under pressure to produce a well-mixed, highly oxygenated, and conditioned liquid.

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