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Unlock unparalleled productivity in wastewater reclamation by partnering with THE ENVIRONMENTAL COMPANY, INC. Our cutting-edge wastewater treatment equipment and aeration systems are available for rent or sale to ensure efficient operation. Whether facing an unexpected breakdown or seeking an upgrade, our solutions are designed for swift deployment.

What We Offer

Discover flexibility like never before with our range of aeration systems—the embodiment of advanced technology that guarantees optimal performance. Our M-3, M-4, and M-6 units are at your disposal for immediate purchase or rental, while the exclusive sale options of the EBAC and M-2 models cater to your unique preferences. Choose the Air Jammer aerator that fits your needs and enjoy the freedom of tailored versatility.

Why Choose Us

At THE ENVIRONMENTAL COMPANY, INC., our commitment goes beyond delivering top-notch products. With our aeration system rental service, we offer swift response and overnight delivery in emergencies to ensure immediate assistance. Count on us to facilitate a quick setup to keep your operations running seamlessly since our products are designed for hassle-free installation and easy maintenance.

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Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about our wastewater treatment equipment and aeration systems. Experience efficiency, reliability, and innovation—all at your fingertips.

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